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Simon was about to burst into tears. It wasn't because he was scared but because he felt wronged. Even so, he suppressed his feelings. If he cried in front of all the other kids, he would be nothing but a huge disgrace.


This was the hardest training for the children who had yet to fully mature. The drill instructors always shamelessly made unreasonable demands. It was an amount even adults would find tiring.


Han opened his eyes from his half asleep state. His other squad members stretched and yawned and began to equip all their gears. The plane would land soon. The pilot was busy communicating with the stealth tower. Corporal Zhai walked over to the pilot. He said some things to the control tower, and both parties became quiet.


The East Army's defenders were divided into three groups and had been scattered throughout the three main paths. Han and an additional four students were selected to be the rangers to tackle the rocky terrains.


The mask solidly covered even the back of his head. There were theories that he kept his face hidden because of a disfiguring scar on his face.


A plane took off. Han looked at his other squad members, Johnny Schwartz and two other regular soldiers. Herald was a Private First Class from America, and Zhai was a Corporal from China. They were joking around with one another and seemed familiar with each other.

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Their eyes were gouged out, while their nose and mouth were cut away. It had also hung some humans and left them to slowly die a painful death.


He wanted to decipher the real truth of this place. Even if they were to find the missing piece of the puzzle, they would not be able to see the big picture. They required more data.


He had stamped Herald's death deeply into his eyes. A single error in battle would result in a loss of a life.


It had only been Han that didn't abandon the younger children. They were a family of eight children, and although they put in a lot of effort to survive together, three children had died of starvation and illnesses.


Octo watched the moving graph on the monitor while locked in his own thoughts. He requested for Han to run and jump. The movements became harsher as time went on.


The winning squads are awarded special feasts. This special feast is one of the greatest motivations for the students to win. In this place, everyone's meals are strictly controlled, and so these special feasts are the few enjoyments that could be found in Ark. Usually, they can't enjoy greasy foods like this at all.


Canute sent a message. A scream echoed from the far distance of the darkness. Han paused his breath and moved in the darkness.



He was able to block using minimal movements. If he became proficient using this skill during battle, his battle prowess would increase swiftly.



Silence and Simon calmly bought time while shooting their guns. The guns were effective against the Elu warriors who were unable to use psychic powers. Simon reloaded the magazine of his gun while earnestly waiting for Han's appearance. Wuxiaworld for visiting.


Canute nodded. Han had no worries when it came to Canute. Among Squad 13, Canute had good judgment and was one of the most brilliant among Squad 13's members. He was not the type to accidentally have a slip of tongue or be easily swayed by lies.


"Let's follow the smoke. It could either be a crashed plane or Jose making the smoke."

  • Everyone's opinion of squad 13 had gone up drastically. Talent was rampant in Ark. As soon as squad 13 raised their reputation, the way the other students viewed them had changed. On the contrary, squad 7 who could not properly utilize such talents was reprimanded.
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