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Squad 13 continued to discuss what would happen in Ark's future. Han thought of all the things that had happened in the Dimensional Crack Zone. Wuxiaworld for visiting.


Han made a large sweeping motion with his spear to buy some time. Han ranked the best in close combat within class B. Everyone was already aware of this and didn't dare to carelessly attack.


He already understood this survival game. One must advance, while others die out one by one. There was no meaningful story where everyone learns to co-exist.


"It would have been good if you were a useless idiot, but most of the time your opinions are correct and based on many facts. As long as Kato is the squad leader, he will never let you participate in the squad battles. You'll never be able to gain recognition in this team."


The sounds of movement came from the forest. Everyone from Squad 13 who had been resting, bolted up. They didn't dare let out a breath. They stared toward the location of the sound.


Gradually, the children with stronger builds supported their weaker peers one by one. This was because they saw that the instructors had allowed Han Lee to do so.

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'Stabbing its body is no use. The werewolves have fast regeneration, a simple wound won't affect it in the least. The only place I should aim is its head.'


Jose burned the lower trunk of the tree. He was soon drenched in sweat. He focused to strengthen his fire while controlling the area of ignition.


Squad 9 searched forth using standard procedures. Squad 13 was surveying the trees in their surroundings. Squad leader Han was looking for a suitable tree.


Everyone clapped for the victorious lead commander. Karlheinz proudly boasted with his head held high and explained his own battle tactics.


Ironically, the air became less stifled. The children were able to come together after finding a common enemy in the sergeant. Everyone became livid as they talked behind the sergeant's back with one another.


The assault pod's door opened. Steam puffed out in giant clouds. A person clad in an iron suit stepped out of the boiling pod. The red suit had scars all over from the long-term use. Time had done its worst to beat up the suit through all the wars.


"Stop! We'll end our spar here," Laocha shouted. Han suddenly realized he was going to use his telekinetic powers. He almost sent the steel bars and dumbells flying in the air.



Han had always been worrying about his daily meals until he had come to this place. He was fine that he wouldn't be able to snack anymore.



"As expected of the top student. Airbeats are just a support platform. The jump packs will supplement necessary acceleration maneuvers. You will use hook cables or airbeats on the dragon's body to break a fall, A roping tool is useful when you can use inertia to move your body. In our next match, we will have squad battle against squad 1. Until our next battle, you're to master aerial warfare tactics. Especially you Kuro, your role will be the most important."


The Elu discovered in the Chinese research center was categorized as: predator. It had become a case study of an Elu's drastic change after extreme torture from inhumane human scientific researches to its body. Now, there was physical proof that the mental health and thought processes drastically influence psychic powers.


The Northern Korean peninsula was in ruins. The northern territories of Korea were now beyond repair. At the moment, the major cities of South Korea have yet to be fully repaired. North Korea had been cast aside and thrown away.

  • Han ignored the inspector's sharp gaze coming down from the second floor.
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