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Han said standing at the forefront. The start of the squad battles signaled. The dome fell into darkness. Only a faint light lit up the battlefield.


Simon had just transferred, but he ranked within the top five among everyone here. Their strength was on a different level than their time during year 1.


Usually the students suffered complications due to problems relating to their physical bodies; there had never been a case where one would suffer due to psychic energies. This was the reason why Grace and the researchers took awhile to figure out the problem Han was suffering from.


The members of Squad 13 only carried their knives with them. However, they were psykers. Even though they didn't have saws, they were capable of carpentry. They broke and cut the trees and made sharp wooden swords and spears. They sharpened long, sturdy sticks to construct barricades that they dug into the ground, and set a trap by hiding them in forest foliage.


Han understood what he needed to do now was produce results for Ark. He had been collecting small clues since the beginning to try and understand this place better.


Canute said. He was going to take Han's place and crawl through the air vent. He had a healing skill, and something like a gunshot wound was nothing to fear. He would feel the pain just the same, but he could endure that much. Anyway, this method would be better than seeing Han die.

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He felt something chilling from behind. Han prepared himself for an attack, but he didn't feel any impact. Rather, the youth who had snuck up from behind had fainted, and a stone plopped onto the ground.


Squad 13's main weakness was that they only had four members. Squads with many members had over twenty members.


The battle tactic of this round had centered around Kuro. Without Kuro, everyone had become helpless.


The dragons that appeared in Siniju divided into two groups before invading China and Korea.


Han added some strength to aid his throwing power and fine adjusted the throwing arch with his telekinesis. With just a little fine tuning, his spear flew a frightening distance.


There was no hope for Herald now. Corporal Zhai gritted his teeth and pulled the trigger without mercy. He shot Herald and the Elu simultaneously.


"My father is a major general. He was overjoyed when he found out I was a psyker. You should pay back Korea for all the kindness you've received now that you're a psyker. There are not too many Koreans in Ark. The only useful people seem to be you and me, just the two of us."



A handful of students said with hostility to Han. A majority of them had been students unable to earn a promotion for months now.



Simon said no more and went to return to his original position. After the formation of Squad Whiskey, Simon and Han had settled their differences a great deal.


Someone screamed. The fully armed soldiers shot their guns ruthlessly toward the first years. Children around the age of ten fell to the ground one after another. They cried in pain and fear.


Kuro's barrel kept trembling. The enemy soldier spotted Kuro. Kuro's arms shook violently.

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